Becoming a Writer

Over the last year I’ve been taking this blogging lark a bit more seriously I think its because I really enjoy ranting about stuff and I’m keen to spout all the nonsense that fills my brain into you’re life but I’ve come to realize I think the real reason behind this new found love of words is a fear of them.

I’ve made it no secret I was expelled from school a left handed, dyslexic, 14 year old and never returned to education (props to Camden council). I hold no GCSE’s, A-Levels, BA’s, MA’s or a PHD for that matter but bizarrely enough I think being able to write without a formal education is one of my greatest achievements. It takes me ages to write, rewrite, correct the mistakes, takeing out the dozens of extra words of my dyslexia adds in (I didn’t correct that on purpose), read back then read aloud but over the last year this has improved, my spell check has learnt what I’m on about and I often email a friend a post before its live. Blogspot has become a university that doesn’t charge me £9k a term for the privilege of some letters after my name.

Another reason I’ve been posting more is because I enjoy sharing the experience of making work, now as much as that makes me sound like a ‘theatre maker’ I am genuinely excited about showing you the backstage as it were, its exciting to see how everything is made or what I’m planning.

My blog has also become a space where my mental health is explored and I’ve had some wonderful responses to the more personal posts about show business (http://scottee-scottee.blogspot.com/2012/04/font-face-font-family-font-face-font.html?spref=tw). My spelling, grammar and/or punctuation can be a little squiff (is that how you spell sqew-if?) at times, my syntax is that of a camp Kentish Towner and sometimes it sounds like I’m just in a bad mood but if you can see past the aforementioned then please keep reading (especially the man who came up to me in a nightclub who doesn’t fancy my shows but liked my blog). This year I’ve had 28,000 visits to this blog which is nothing in compared to Stephen ‘Go to Bogna Regis in 2012’ Fry but it means everything that people want to read my rambles.

At the start of this year I blogged about wanting to become a writer (as well), Wednesday morning will see my first post live on the front page of Huffington Post UK who knows what the future will bring but I’ve added the word writer to my biog.

Fanks for reading.

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