Ahead of my new show experiment - Party Piece as part of Jacksons Lane Postcards Festival I will be sharing some of youtubes finest clips of 'things people do at parties'. Party Piece is an idea that I've had bubbling away for some time that was only cemented at a party at the start of this year when a lovely lady, possibly my Mum's age who worked for the FT said, unexpectedly '...I can rap the whole of Blondie's Rapture!' ofcourse I said 'go on then!'. 

Party Piece will be an hour long show of personal oddities, nothing planned just people putting their hands up and saying 'I'll show you my party piece'. Ofcourse we have some devices to get people up from their seats - prizes, fizz and moral support in the shape of Bryony Kimmings and R Styles who will also have to bite the bullet and be forced into inventing a party piece that night using what and who is in the room. I have no idea if this is going to work, which is really exciting - it might be the next big thing, it might be a very short show. 

Over the next few months these clips will not only urge you to buy a ticket but encourage you to step forward and tell me your party piéce de résistance!

Party Piece #1 
It's Harry Potter's party piece (here) and other well bred boys I've met with private educations - this is a very posh party piece! To successfully pull this off you've got to know all the elements, be good at tongue twisters and be able to take a really deep breath! I had to include the original too by Tom Lehrer who was a mathematician from New York!

Party Piece hits the Postcards Festival on the 16th June - Book tickets

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