Camp Friday

Its the last Camp Friday girls! This week I've chosen one of the best finales of all time - The Riverdance. I was made to watch this anytime my family got drunk on VHS and even once live, every time I watch this I get goosebumps. The Lord of the Dance was a dance stage show by legs eleven Michael Flatley, it took the world by storm and put Irish dancing on the map (and its still touring). A little well known show biz fact is that I was sent to Irish dancing lessons until I was 11 - technically I need to do an Irish dancing show!

I award this clip 5 limp wrists - 90s lighting / hair, Michael alone, dance troupe in canon, Irish dancing, drums under spotlight, a standing ovation and a really good theme tune!

Camp at Roundhouse is sold out but you can find its next outing at Bestival here - http://2012.bestival.net/line-up/artists/scottee-camp?fb_ref=.T3zK9veC0os.like&fb_source=timeline  

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