This weeks most overly FAQ is: What is Camp? 

I guess its like Eat Your Heart Out but its not about being arty or East London, its like the Royal Variety show with less hand shaking at the end, its like Rhianna wearing BOY LONDON but more pretentious, its like Take Me Out without the slags or TOWIE lookalikes, its like Top of the Pop when it was called TOTP, its like Thorpe Park for people who have a tumblr, its like the Kenny Everett show but less funny, its the show for people who have AADD (audience attention deficit disorder). In short its a variety show with guests stars who I think are amazing and should share a bill - from gay bar drag acts I met when I pulled pints at the Black Cap to avant-garde trans folk who have a sense of humour, shoved together with dance routines, 90's pop music and a game show that feels like a television program channel 4 might have once made in the 80's, its also the first show I've made that I want people to bring their Mum's to, I love drunk Mums.

Camp opens in 12 days at the Roundhouse. This is the 8 second trailer, any longer and you'd be worried for the childs safety.  

You can and should buy tickets here.

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