Camp Friday

This week I've chosen the ultimate anti-diva, again someone I loved as a child Ms Margarita Pracatan! Pracatan reached to fame by singing the last number on Clive James' BBC (?) show in the mid 90s. If we were going to put her in art context I guess we could say she was in the league of 'Tranny with a Fanny' a la Holestar, her attire even in the mid 90's was outrĂ© but outdated, cabaret wasn't en vogue and the BBC were still pushing that RP accent so Margarita was a bold and subversive character to see prime time not to mention the fact she couldn't really sing. As I child I didn't grasp the fact why everyone was laughing, I thought she was amazing, some say Bowie, Bush or Barbara inspired them to become, Margarita was defiantly one of my inspirations. I enjoy her get up, attitude and brilliant self awareness that almost implies the joke is on us. Guess what? She is still at it. Love live her, darling. http://www.margaritapracatan.com/

I score this clip 5 limp wrist out of 5 - Margarita, in sequins with feathers singing 'New York, New York' to Liza on a casio - does it get much camper? 

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