Its the day before the night of the do! Producers and self-flogging performers make out everything is hunky dory but I think its much better to be honest about these things - I'm shitting myself. My main worry is that no one is going to show up and I'm going to be left crying in the dressing room in a nice red suit with a large bill for alot of gold glitter slash. At times like these I like to remember the reason why I'm putting this show on - this week we had a sponsor pull out, their reasoning was BQ was an event that activity encouraged an 'unhealthly lifestlye' and their brand were no longer interested in being 'positioned' alongside the event, I could spend hours telling them that their thoughts on my lifestyle and the one thats "endorsed" by Burger Queen are incorrect and do not encourage an unhealthy living while shoving 'health at every size' stuff at them but..... I can't be bovvvered to convince a size 8, fashion PR girl who frequents East London bars and has a top knot that she/her 'brand' are wrong - Yes I am making judgements but the same have been made about the BQ ethic! These issues aside its happening, its tomorrow and I'm so pleased your coming. http://burger-queen.info

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