Whose idea to sell kids a false economy,
That life is sweet post teenage autonomy,
There's liberation on the other side of puberty?
All the next generation crave is your honesty.

The punches come faster you fall harder to the ground,
But posting on youtube makes you stronger, more profound,
'It Gets Better' now thats easy for you to say,
Its Stonewall bollox breast fed to homogeneous-gays.

As liberals turn off and say that I'm wrong,
Ask yourself this before you spout that queer song,
Does it get better or does it get worse?
Batty boys still end up in the back of a hearse.

Let me remind you of the recent problem,
Lamp posts in Scotland and Nelsons column,
I'm not part of the prevention or cause to the cure,
Just putting into prospective, not giving the detour.

Live life as if you've learnt it and say it as you find,
I'm not saying we should accept it, be cruel to be kind,
It get worse but you roll with the punches ,
It's not your fault but its the way the cookie crunches.


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