Violence Update

Twitter is full of performers talking about their next scratch performance - 'scratching' for those of you with real lives is the live artists way of showing unfinished, shoddy work in a room that has no theatrical elements to a paying audience under the banner of 'work in progress' - now I don't know who in our industry thought this was a good idea (BAC) but I'm over it, I'm over this idea we can't make work before showing it to a group of people for their approval before we make it. Put your neck on the line you bunch of art school cocks and say something.

On the other hand I'm a big fan of letting your audience in on the secret, I don't like the secrecy that surrounds shows - a fear someone might copy you - its not Primary school.

Here is a round up of afew themes we've been working on for Violence - a fully formed show that I'm letting you in on:

We've all been sat around for the last few days working out if Patti's 'Rock & Roll Nigger' was appropriate for a scene in which a black tranny seems to mug a white girl but then turns into a lustful brief encounter with shopping bags. I think we are using something else now but it made us all sit and scratch our heads for awhile - which is good.

Darrell and Helen are working on some lovely experimental tech for the show - they have worked out how we can shoot Nando, make him bleed and die every night. We also have control of the sound system from our iphones - scary!!!

Last week the show only just started to come together - before this I was having nightmares about everyone being on drugs and not being able to say their lines - we don't have any 'lines' in the show. Music wise the show is Clash, Jam, Who heavy - where did this come from? dunno.

Booking is now open for Violence and we'd like you to come along, not only because we have 1500 tickets to flog but we hope some bits will hit home. How you can help: You can post our facebook event or tweet our booking link - we don't have the same advertising budget as the RSC but we are much better.

We are:
TimeOut 'Top Shows to see this Autumn'
Spoonfed's 'Very Best of November'
LoserVille 'Pick of the Month'

The show runs from 17th - 26th November at Riverside Studios - More info here
(Image about is from our interval film made for Violence by Tim Bret-Day and Scottee)

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