What with Violence opening next week and Copyright Christmas around the corner I really should not be giving this the time of day but sometimes there are ideas that you need to get out of your head for the greater good. Fans / followers / friends of my blog would have read my paper on Live Art and the invention of the genre 'Light Art' - I promised a few artists I would make an agreement that they could sign up to and here it is.

What to do: 
1. Print out two copies of the agreement and sign it.
2. Send one to Scottee c/o RVT, 372 Kennington Lane SE11 5HY before the 31/12/11.
3. Put the Light Art logo on your website/blog etc.
4. On the 12/1/12 a list of all Light Artists who have signed up to the cause will be posted online.
5. Check the post, you will have your membership badge arriving soon after the published list.

Download: Agreement & logo

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