There is lots of wonderfulness going on at the moment and instead of sploshing about 100's of status updates or pestering you on twitter I thought it better to write something on here. Jonny Woo also accused me of being ever so private.. "your not like everyone else who puts on facebook 'running around town, walking down the road, planning this etc' - and so this has encouraged me further to talk about how wonderful I am and my plans to become the next Dawn French (with nicer clothes).

Preparations for BQ are well underway, we have space for only three more contestants which is wonderful! The contestants are a really nice mix of fat boys, plump girls & 'fat' outsiders (those who feel like they don't fit in or follow fatties / admirers), I also have a wheelchair user entering and I'm currently working on adapting the RVT into a wheelchair friendly stage! I have just announced Christopher Biggins & Marawa the Amazing (that bird off Britain's Got Talent / La Clique) will join the judges panel! Scream!

This Friday we are recording a special pre-show radio podcast for London Fields Radio titled 'Chewing the Fat'. I encourage you to pre book tickets as demand for these shows seems to be high and early sales are coming in (plus you can get a meal deal if you book in advance!)

We are coming towards the end of our Enforced run at Stratford Circus - this has been a really exciting run and I've really enjoyed seeing all the new work produced for it. We have only 2 shows left and I urge you to pop down to one. Our next event on 27th May is inspired by this weekends Eurovision - I'll be remotely hosting the show from Manchester's Green Room on one of their final nights, the Arts Council have withdrawn their funding from the space and I'd like to spend some of ours Arts Council money they gave us on saying "Fuck You arts cuts!" - We will also be going live to Las Vegas where Miss Annabel Sings will give a 'TRANS-Atlantic" performance - Ticket link here.

We can also announce we will be showing off at Edinburgh again this year with a bigger and better show. This year we are supported by Assembly (ohhh!) and performing at their new venue George Square! We are really excited about this! Show includes: Myself, Nando Messias, Masumi Tipsy, Helen Noir, Miss Annabel Sings, Myra Dubois & Spencer Wood with guests: Bryony Kimmings, Dusty Limits, Tricity Vogue, Gaffee, Angel Rose & more! As ever we are fundraising to make this show happen and keep the ticket prices dirt cheap enabling young people & those on low income to attend! We are offering signed flyer packs for £15 - More info here


En Femme:

I'm currently developing a new show with Nando Messias and Jonny Woo titled 'En Femme' - this show is shaping up to be a dance / physical theatre piece that explores the idea of 'Being, Becoming, Living & Acting - Woman' - We have performed a few scratches and I've included some documentation below. More news on a London run in the next few months.


Unhappy Birthday:

 I'm firmly sat in the directors chair on a new project with Amy Lamé. Unhappy Birthday is a performative exploration of Lamé and her love for Morrissey. We are currently developing the show at Battersea Arts Centre and Contact Manchester that will tour the UK late 2011 and early 2012 and USA in Autumn 2012. Here is some documentation from rehearsal!

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