Why I put Queer on my Census. 

I thought I'd write a few words about why I proclaimed 'Queer' under 'Religion' on my Census form this morning, some of you seem to be outraged by the thought which is surprising - I thought it's benefits were quite clear.

The Census apart from being a huge spend of public funding / resource for your great grandson that may look it up on 'Who do you think you are?' in the year 2090 (if the planet survives) is also one of the ways government decide how public funding is allocated. The questions include information on your house hold, your health, religious beliefs and employment.

As a homo-trans I think my sexuality is really important - When I was younger I used to access lots of services for LGBT young people, sexual health and support workers - infact many of us still do - all of which lacked government investment, this sparked off an early career working in community arts, local government and LGBT youth services.

I feel a legal document that decides how our tax funded government support is spent is important and should include an optional box to proclaim your sexuality - whatever it be! (but only if you want to) - why? So the aforementioned services are included in public spending, we have an acknowledgement of sexuality being important and that filling the religion box with 'queer' does not distract from those who follow a faith. 

As much as I feel the word 'Queer' isn't relevant to me, my politic or my sexuality
 it's a way of standing together as a body of people weather we be LGBTQ or politically queer and asking the government to acknowledge the ownership of our sexuality's as important - the 'queer' slipper doesn't fit my perfectly shaped size 8 foot, but as one unelected knob once said 'we're all in this together'

While we're at it where was the Gender - Other box?

How ever you filled it in -  LOVE x

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