Eat Your Heart Out: Enforced 2 lands in just 7 days time. If you haven't heard the Enforced Season is five shows that pair artists who would never work with each other on artistic blind dates.

Next week its the turn of Queen Mary performance students 'Figs in Wigs' and trans-super-wo-man Timberlina. Their show is about the first time we sexualize ourself, when our imagination is not limited by what we are fed is a 'healthy' sexual fantasy. In preparation for this I thought I would share my story - oh god all of a sudden this has turned very 'Take a Break'.

When I was 6 or 7yrs old I had a friend called 'George' - I named him that after a boy at school I was fond of, I wouldn't say fancy as I had no idea what that was / should feel like. George was a teddy bear that came dressed as a pilot circa 1935. At some point his goggles went missing so I replaced them with swimming googles from Prince of Wales baths for quite a chunk of my pocket money. I remember quite vividly talking to George about all manner of subjects most of which included Lego. Georges nose was made from some from of plasticized leather, this is how he would kiss me, the more he did the wetter his nose became. George and I parted ways by the age of 8, I had already moved on to a real boy who liked to play 'Mummy and Daddy' in the play corner of Mr Fry's classroom.

My imagination has a lot to answer for. Hope you can make it down next Friday.

Eat Your Heart Out: Enforced Season features Figs in Wigs, Timberlina, Bird La Bird, Sarah Johns, Miss Annabel Sings, Spencer Wood, Thom Shaw, Myra Dubois and Scottee as the Lisa Stansfield Experience

Friday 25th March | 8pm | Stratford Circus E15
Special Duckie Offer - £6 (usual price £9)  | Call the box office and quote 'Duckie' 0844 357 2625

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