On 17th September, I opened my very first Cafe at Maiden for 8 hours.

Cafe is a touring one on one performance which will be appearing Manchester, Brighton, Rochdale and London over the next year.

Documentation images by Darrell Berry.


Since time began women of a certain age have chewed the fat over a cup of builders. The cafe table has became their couch and their neighbour their confidant.

Scottee invites you to his pop up greasy spoon, for a chin wag, a natter, a chitchat, a bit of a gossip, a heart to heart, some tittle tattle, a blurt, babble & disclosure. Come let the cat out the bag, spill the beans, come clean, fess up, tell all, give the game away & mull it over, in short get some stuff off your chest.

Complimentary tea and toast, conserves optional.

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