After 4 years of getting his head down and making a show of things, performance artist Scottee goes back to his roots and reinitiates himself with clubland and delivers a concept party that brings cliche and risque under one roof.

Welcome to a world of naff, niche and naughty, A playground for perverts and pretenders to flirt and flaunt their fashionable fetishism and fancy dress. Nancy isn't about sitting around and hitting each other with organic leather, its about celebrating British sex-centricity from  Cynthia Paynes 70's brothels to Barbara's baps in 'Carry on Camping',  our fascination with men in dresses (Dick Emery, Kenny Everret, Little Britain) to our national interest in Page 3!

Welcome to Nancy!

Uniform: adult baby, sissy, teenage tranny, prefect, head boy, headmistress, fancy dress fetish, french maid, fairy-tale fantasy,  TV/TS, matron, nanny & nancy boys.

Room 1:
Nursery Rhythms and Rhymes from:
David TG (Torture Garden)
Scally DanDan (Your Mums House)
Holestar (Hot Mess)

Storytime show from A Man To Pet
Nannies: Louis Parsons & Myra Dubois

Room 2:
Pervert Parlor
hosted by Madame Felicity Hayward

Vintage pop and school disco from:
Princess Julia & Sami Knight

Room 3:
Seedy Cinema
Hosted by The Brats. Films by Beggars Velvet and Nando Messias

Saturday 16th October
at East Bloc
217 City Rd, EC1

10.30pm - 4.30am
£5 before 11.30 | £8 After

Complimentary Milkshots & Rusks

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