So we've made our feelings clear about that misogynistic past time 'burlesque' and the half hearted skill of lip synching, now we're taking on the X factor. Turn your tele-visuals off and leave light hearted entertainment at home, get out and see something with importance and/or cultural significance. By simply watching Simon Cowell ridicule the avant garde auditions you insight the murder of three asylum seekers.

Eat Your Heart Out want you all to run to Dover, hide within a P&O cruise liner and witness, first hand, the life of an illegal immigrant, it really isn't all The Sun crack it up to be! The time has come for universal open borders! Eat Your Heart Out is ready to lead the revolution because soon we wave goodbye to a member of our artistic family - Masumi Tipsy, as she is deported from our 'Great' Britain, we ask why and celebrate her work developed on our soil, who knows she may never be allowed back.

You have two options - 
Give us £7 and change your life
Give Rupert Murdoch 30p and change nothing.

- Live - 
Jonny Woo
Owen Parry
Masumi Tipsy
Mitzi Von Melbatoast
Miss Annabel Sings
The Tipsette Collective
(Theo Adams, Scottee, Nando Messias, Masumi Tipsy, Jordan Hunt)

- Interactive -
  Felicity Hayward's Jumble Sale
Live Titter Critic

- Film -
  Nando Messias & Judy Jacob
Damien Slash
Youtube Rip

Soundscaped by Uncle Jim
Hosted by Scottee

- Tickets - £3 NUS | Japanese Passport £5 Early Bird (eyho@scottee.co.uk before 1st Oct) £7 Others Doors at 8pm | 1st show at 9pm

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