Hello Weirdos! I thought it was about time we had a catch up. Now, you might think I'm going to ask you questions about your summer - I'm not, sorry. 

I'm currently in Japan making a new thing with 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art x Forest Fringe. I came here in early June on residency to think about what I might make, after a secret meeting with queer women afraid to be identified and lots of encounters with adverts for whitening products and eye crease creators I've decided to make something about westernisation, gender equality and the detrimental affects of kawaii (cuteness). The piece will be performed in a shop downtown by a Japanese artist who some of you might know, and who I've worked with long before before I was any good - the amazing Masumi (Tipsy) Siato. I'm going to be writing all my findings up in a nicely packaged blog for i-D next week so I won't say anymore but apparently I'm going to be on the telly on Wednesday night. Westerners are usually comically portrayed on TV by wearing a blond wig with a fake nose - guess what I'm going to wear on the telly?

(I'm a bit obsessed with instagram at the moment so if you want to see more ridiculous images like this head over to http://instagram.com/scotteeisfat)

If you live in Japan I urge you to jump on the bullet train and check out all the work in the program - https://www.kanazawa21.jp/data_list.php?g=83&d=31&lng=e

As soon I get back to the UK my three month town-wide festival for St. Helens kicks off. Commissioned by Heart of Glass, I've created a festival that will take over all the underused spaces in the town - from derelict glass factories, mini-cabs, empty shops and the adult fiction section of the central library. If you live in Manchester and Liverpool the train takes less than 25 mins to get into the town centre and costs £5 ish. More on the festival here -  http://www.heartofglass.org.uk/whats-on/?cat=takeoverfest

Under 25? I am hosting a series of dinners on multiculturalism, national identity and racism in the UK this Autumn. I'm keen to hear what you think over the dinner table. It's free and there are some amazing guest speakers confirmed - http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/young-creatives/autumn-2015/dinner-discussions-/

Over 25? We've just announced our UK Christmas Tour! We're stopping off in Edinburgh, St. Helens, Colchester, London and Brighton (plus couple more dates TBA) - the line up is smashing with Jess Love, Dickie Beau, Jayde Adams, Ginger Johnson and Japans People in tow. Tickets are extremely limited so get booking http://campery.co.uk 

...and finally our annual knees up is on sale! We've had Lauren Harries, Black Lace and now Margarita Pracatan! No hard sell - you know this sells out, you know its a brilliant knees up and you know its cheap! http://campery.co.uk 

FYI there are now just 3 spaces left on our A/W workshop - http://facebook.com/events/777008145731186/

See you at something, sometime soon. Don't be a stranger. X

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