Hey Weirdos! These past few weeks have been a hoot - I've been all over America writing for Vice's food channel Munchies and London queer mag QX (these will be drop soon!) as well as taking some time out with family.

I'm currently sat on my bed, in my apartment in New York city having a lazy(ish) Sunday. I'm here because I am starting to develop a new piece for American audiences, I can't tell you too much about it but I can tell you I'm working with older queer people to create an autobiographical piece in a very special venue in NYC. The show won't be in production until June 2016 but I'm going to be spending more time this side of the pond over the next 12 months, don't worry UK I will be making a similar show for you this summer, stay tuned for info on that in a few weeks! 

This is my first trip to NYC and I love it! Since I've been here I've been to an open rehearsal of an opera in a gallery in East Village, a lesbian art rave in a queer space and ate a burger in NYC's oldest gay boozer. Most people I've met are involved in queer collectives, spaces or events - people are putting on shows, creating culture and finding a way round the increasing rent prices, inspiring stuff.

You can follow the adventures of the American trip at http://instagram.com/scotteeisfat

I'm loving the showing off around the world I'm currently doing, I'm learning loads about the international problems the other fat, gay, weirdos are facing. I'm also super happy to be making new work now that photo booth show is finally dead! Isn't it good that this is my job?!

If you are in New York I am doing a few spots whilst I'm here...

Bang Said the Gun - Friday 24th April - facebook.com/pages/Bang-Said-the-Gun-NYC/1573838032873966

All for One - Monday 27th April - allforonetheater.org/artist_program/salons/

London - a few things for your notice board...

Grandad's debut gallery show opens next month and you are invited to come hang out at this gallery, see his work and eat and drink from his curated menu - more info here RealLiamGallagher.co.uk

Fraff is back at Rich Mix with the best-est line up yet - Ursula Martinez, Bourgeois & Maurice, Rubyyy Jones, The Black Cab Poet, Jon Pointing and more! More on that here richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/scottee-fraff/

I'm now going to eat my body weight in grilled cheese whilst drinking a cola - I wanna fit in. 

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