(Not) Lyn Gardner's (Festival) Theatre Tips

It's perfectly acceptable to let Christmas into your life now people. Stop being anti-tinsel! 'Tis the season and with it some gorgeous shows are hitting the capital...

Jonny Woo's East London Lecture
Woo is often credited as the woman who invented the neo-perf-art-drag scene in London. Woo presents a verbatim piece that voices the ever changing East London. It's a must see, queen. http://www.themillcoproject.co.uk/east-london-lecture/

Selina Thompson: Chewing The Fat 
In every way Selina is brilliant. Her work is important and should be shown to kids having a hard time. It's messy, both literally and the subject matter she eloquently shoves down your throat. Catch her in London whilst you can, she northern. http://www.cptheatre.co.uk/show/chewing_the_fat.php#.VGsCML5CYeM

The Possible Impossible House
I love it when experimental theatre makers like Forced Entertainment make shows for all ages. Duckie did this gig 3 years ago with Copyright Christmas. Forced Ents show also promises to be a family freak fest / walk about piece of joy. I need a kid to take to this, any takers? http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/here-lies-love

Here Lies Love
OK so on the face of it a musical set in a pretend nightclub with people moving you about and a fake DJ pumping the air sounds cringe but it's actually delightful. Well worth grabbing a ticket. It's SOLD OUT so you'll need to check on the morning of the performance for returns. http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/here-lies-love

Timber is back! Imagine a family show, performed by a family that had a lot of wood in it... oh yeah and they do lots of fancy tricks. Go see it, it'll make you open jawed like when you were a kid. http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/timber-84344

Usually I put on a Christmas show each year, this year I have three for you to choose from. If you come to all three you'll be sent one a One Size Fits All tee! Just keep your stubs / receipts and send them to studio@scottee.co.uk to claim your pressie!

Fraff #2 | 5th December
My drunken poetry night for people who hate poetry performed by non-poets. Get it? There are sweets for the audience, cheap beer and a line up that is well worth the £8. 

Kristmas Karaoke | 15, 16, 17th December
I first met Bourgeois & Maurice on myspace - we're that old! We've made a few Christmas shows in our time but this one I'm most excited about. A karaoke machine, a raffle, a pile of complimentary* Ferrero Rocher, a bag full of MAC cosmetics prizes and a few covers from us. 

Camp NYE
Where else will you be able to see Black Lace on NYE? Nuff said. We've hired out the Black Cap for the night, ordered a shed loads of helium and some fancy tracksuits for the occasion. Tickets are selling out - you have been warned! http://campery.co.uk

See you at something or other. x

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