Goodbye Sydney, Hello Melbourne

My final day in Sydney was epic! It was my birthday weekend so Kelli Jean took me to Coogee beach to eat kangaroo... and it was amazing.

That evening we checked out The Bearded Tit - a cocktail bar / performance space with a caravan in the garden 'for intimate gatherings'. This space really personifies Sydney - all encompassing, community minded, open space for booze, free love and performance.

It's worth knowing that Australia is currently fighting against the government's lock down laws. These enforce restrictions on when and what alcohol you can buy and more strangely the registry of everyones I.D. on government computers when they enter licensed venues  (and re-enter after a fag) in certain neighbourhoods. I wonder if this will effect the performance and cabaret scene here? Control seems to be the word of the moment.

This isn't just about making sure people don't get too drunk. The government seems to be extremely paranoid that the world is going to eat it. Central station in Sydney is on a higher state of alert so you need a passport to get in, a man walked through automatic doors in the wrong direction in Sydney airport so the terminal was shut down and yesterday a politician during a TV interview actually said "...we're worried that foreigners are going to take our jobs" - these feelings are not shared by any of the people I've come into contact with.

I really enjoyed my time in Sydney - everyone I've met so far is really warm, welcoming and I've made even more friends on the other side of the world!

After missing my flight and scoffing a sulky sausage roll my hangover was cured and it was time to say hello to Melbourne! I arrived at my antipodean home Theatre Works to drop off some equipment and get ready for The Worst of Scottee's return to Melbourne.

I am doing a four performances whilst I'm here as part of Melbourne Fringe (you can book tickets here) so this morning I did a line run on the beach - if any of you have seen this show you'll realise that the gorgeous back drop of St Kilda beach is a strange one considering it's content.  The last run was so well received I'm anxious about bringing it back. This week I have interviews with a few radio stations, some key Melbourne venues and some performers - perhaps they'll settle my nervous.

Last night Daniel Clarke (AD of Theatre Works) and I downed 13 glasses of champagne to see in my 29th year on the planet and talk about our plans for next year. Today I'm regretting the 13th glass but really excited about what the future holds here. Theatre Works and Daniel are really championing both Bryony Kimmings and I - their support is proving invaluable in getting audiences to see us, opening doors and making sure the right people are on board. 

Today I'll be mainly sitting in Theatre Works whilst people play with the lights - hard life this theatre malarky. Melbourne... do your worst.

Things I've noticed today: 

1. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia - there's a lot more spaces, festival and opportunity here but Sydney shouldn't be written off - they both have bite.

2. There is a lot of plastic on the beach and I feel angry about it. 

What Next? There's lots to do and I don't know where to start. I'm thinking a lot about how exciting next year will be - New work in NYC and London, Camp and Fraff tour UK, gigs in Tokyo, returning to LA, and more of everything in Australia!  

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