Those of you who are shoved a Time Out on a Tuesday at your local tube station will know that earlier this year the institution chopped off their cabaret and LGBT arms. This morning I received an email from a punter saying "I've only just seen that you have Hamburger Queen on, we didn't see anything on Time Out". I thought this might happen.

Timeout cabaret brilliantly showcased the sort of culture that sat between live art, performance, cabaret and fun thanks to the lovely Ben Walters and Simone Baird. With the abrupt axing of the section audiences who like their acts in slap and silly clothes are a bit lost.

Here are a few places you can find out what is going on in London that isn't a nightclub nor a play but potentially a play in a nightclub...

Run Riot
From it's humble beginnings as a group email to the mega site it is today, Jamie and his gang showcase events big and small. Check out their guest editor mailer each week, sign up to their mailing list and you won't have to go looking.

Exeunt uses words I often have to Google. It's the thinking persons webspace for the more thoughtful side of culture. The site mainly showcases theatre productions but it is no stranger to the murky world of live art and cabaret.

This is Cabaret
You'd know if you ever met Franco, he's louder than me. This is Cabaret is an extension of his Londonist column. You can pitch ideas for interviews, catch up on gossip and be kept in the loop about the cabaret happenings within the M25. Live art? Not here.

LADA Mailer
Live Art Development Agency have a monthly e-shot thats full of live art happenings, opportunities and then some. Sign up!

Lyn's Theatre Tips
Aunty Lyn's theatre tips always include people like Bryony Kimmings, Hunt & Darton, Victoria Melody and even myself. If you like your performance in art spaces across the UK then check her weekly round up out

The gay-er end of the spectrum but none the less they have a cabaret section and its well used.

Not Television
The aforementioned Ben Walters new blog space - not much on there. Stop dragging your heels Ben. 

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I will be starting up my affectionately titled '(Not) Lyn Gardner's Theatre Tips' blog series again soon too. The death of Time Out cabaret will not be the death of us. 

See below for Scottee endorsed tips this weekend! 

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