Writing, retreats and records

Over the next 4 days I am locking myself away in an attic by the seaside to sift through the pile of writing I have been ignoring since Christmas. As someone who is a pretend writer I find the task daunting (not to mention the fact I need to find friends willing to sift through the dyslexia to take the repeat words out) but I like the sound of my own voice so it's swings and roundabouts. 

My Dad has cut a hole in the roof and put a window in, my 1970's red, formica turntable has finally arrived from Iceland and Benny Hill's 'Greatest Hits' are at the ready. Tea, sandwiches and KitKat's are in endless supply courtesy of Mum and I'm still finding twitter procrastination far more compelling than doing what I need to do. I think M. Scott Peck calls this self gratification. 

Since I last blogged a lot people have mentioned my blog space. Interviewers, drama students for their dissertation (awkward) and even friends who say things like 'but you said in your blog...' - it's only just dawned on my that people actually read this shit. Sorry.

I now feel I have the pressure to say things, valid things that are self righteous or pithy - I do both incredibly well. This blog is an anti-blog blog that'll teach you very little. 

Over the next 4 days I plan to get some ideas out of my brain, write a few pitches, sort some funding blurbs, finish a few pieces of 'spoken word' (rank), devise a list of questions for a film on fat people and sex and sort the final, yes FINAL UK tour of The Worst of Scottee.

Hamburger Queen has gone on sale and as you may have seen this will be the fourth and final year. I've had some grumpy emails from people as far as Sydney demanding the project live on but I'm afraid I've made up my mind and I'm a stubborn queen.

I started Hamburger Queen when I was angry at the telly for telling me my body was embarrassing and I wanted to make something that helped me make sense of my relationship with food. I've made my statement, helped over 40 people give fat performance a go and now I'm artistically ready to move on. I think the next major Scottee inc. project will be about fat shame and this I guess is another reason to move on - they would contradict each other in a messy way.

To celebrate the end we are throwing everything at it - in house tap troupe, short films, regional heats - the works. Come down and say goodbye to the fat bitch!


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