Hamburger Queen 2014!

Fellow fatties and our friends - It's January and we're being bombarded with dieting products, weight loss groups and shit TV mocking fat people who desperately need saving from Dr Christian - what better time to begin the search for 2014's Hamburger Queen?!

This year will be the last year of the contest for many reasons - It takes about 4 months of planning each year and I'd quite like a break. I also have new ideas I want to try out and so it felt right to finish after 4 brilliant years of chub rub!

We are eagerly awaiting news on funding support for this years contest to make it the biggest yet so before we can reveal whats in store we need to find some contestants! 

Friends - Grab the nearest fatso and dare them to enter! 

Fatties - its your last chance! If you've watched from the side lines and thought you fancied giving it a go - this is it!

If you need persuading you can check out the video from last years final here 

On line contestant entry form is here

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