Goodbye Australia...

My time in Australia is almost up and tomorrow when I board my plane and prepare for a marathon 24 hour flight home I'll be leaving with a heavy heart. I've made some wonderful friends in the short time I've been here (see previous blogs for Sydney adventures) - I've swam in the ocean, ate kangaroo's and copious Tim Tam's, drank 'French' champagne, danced with the local dress ups and enjoyed my own company.

Most importantly I'm chuffed that The Worst of Scottee has been really well received here...

'Remarkably honest, confronting & magnificent, The Worst of Scottee is Melbourne’s first must-see production for 2014' ✮✮✮✮ Arts Hub

'As riotous as it is devastating, this Midsumma standout is one of most unforgettable stories of sexual discovery you're likely to hear' ✮✮✮✮ The Age

'A very impressive debut: a disquieting fragment, undoubtedly moving, emotionally heightened, but full of perilous uncertainties and disconcerting lapses.' ✮✮✮✮ Time Out Melbourne

'One of the best shows you will ever see' ✮✮✮✮✮ Toorak Times

'Worst of Scottee moves the audience with an earnest truthfulness that is a marvel to witness' Star Observer

(Not to mention the gratuitous twitter love from the punters)

Thanks to Daniel Clarke and his team at TheatreWorks for bringing me to Oz - without sounding like a posh twat on his gap year it really has been a trip I'll always remember.

Another highlight from this trip (if you could call it that) was visiting Leigh Bowery's grave. Leigh was a brilliant artist that has of course inspired my practice but I didn't visit because I was a fan. Some of my nearest and dearest are his nearest and dearest and out of respect I made my way to Macedon with the help of Josephine Shaker and paid my respects. I bought a plant that towered 3 feet over the rest in the most garish colour I could find - symbolic? I cleared some weeds, washed her head stone and said hello from Aunty Sue.

Granted it's a bit strange to take pictures of graves but I imagine some of you may never get to visit Leigh's grave - its not the easiest of locations to get to and I was raised a Roman Catholic so this sort of maudlin activity is normal.

As I pack away my fancy summer shirts and head for colder climes I know its time to prepare myself for the London run of The Worst of Scottee. These shows are especially poignant as London is my home - I want to impress you all. I know the London performances will be very emotional for me as the Roundhouse is situated right in the middle of where these stories took place but as I remind myself every night, sat in my photobooth, waiting for the audience to settle down... these stories need to be told.

Goodbye Australia, Hello London.

The Worst of Scottee, Roundhouse runs from 4th - 15th Feb | More info here 

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