A Good Deed

It's Christmas (sort of) and we're already being bombarded with men in the office attempting to grow moustaches (most of whom are no being sponsored to do so but saw a gillette advert) and John Lewis have put an advert out that makes them look like some form of children's charity. This is an appeal to those of you wanting to get involved and get your hands (slightly) dirty...

(Wo)man with a Van
We're looking for a person with a van on 20th November at Midday. The Dick Collins Hall - venue for Camp (on the Estate) - is run by a group of older people, they've got a lot of stuff they need to get rid of but can't manage it by themselves. We need a van to work with our team of volunteers to dump the rubbish at Camden's recycling centre - rachel@scottee.co.uk 

Camp (on the Estate) - Food 
As you may already know from the recent postings we're putting on a show on my estate. One of the biggest demographics of my estate is the over 60's - some older folk don't like being out past 7pm so we're putting on a free show for elders on 12th December at 2pm. We want to feed them, we have a bit of budget for sandwiches but we thought it would be nice if we gave them something more fancy. Do you flog food for a living? Do you want a load of older people eating your stuff? We can talk about putting your logo on the matinee flyer so everyone knows your nice - rachel@scottee.co.uk

The Scottee inc. ball is rolling, the team is getting bigger and we're excited about our future! Over the next 3 years we're going to be making bigger, better and bolder work. We're looking for people who want to get involved as creative producers, injecting cash and enabling us make work with fat mums, older homos and pretend performers. Is this you? email shaun@scottee.co.uk  

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