(Not) The Independent on Sunday's Pink List 2013

Here's a list of some of my favourite, extremely influential members of the LGBT community most of whom didn't make the Independents 2013 list of public facing homosexualists...

Alan Duncan 
Proving 'gay tory' isn't an oxymoron

Wavey Davey
Helping spread body dysmorphia thoughout the community via the internet

She's not gay but has recently done a film with guns in it. Worthy.

Bobby Cole Norris
The gay one from TOWIE

Vladimir Putin
Lover of bareback equestrianism

Julie Bindel
Trans rights activist and orville impressionist

Jeremy Joseph
G-A-Y club owner and friend of The Saturdays

Lauren Harries
Nuff said

Sue Perkins
For saying 'ready, steady, bake'

John Galliano

John Barrowman
Everyones favourite West End Wendy

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