Camp (NYE)

NYE usually starts with sipping warm cava in someone’s living room and ends with drinking vodka out of a vase at 4am after snogging your best friend. For one night only award winning show off Scottee offers you the same sort of NYE with better music, colder cava, expensive confetti and more talent than any Channel 4 ‘House Party’.
Camp (NYE) is a special edition of Scottee's now infamous, sell out variety showcase featuring some of the world’s leading show offs including Lauren Harries, Jodie Harsh, Scottee, Ida Barr, Bourgeois & Maurice, The Actionettes, Ginger Johnson, Mz Kimberly, Ashleigh P Owen and Japans People.

Open Barbers are providing hair do’s and hair don’t throughout the night and we’ve ordered more balloons than even Richard Brandson could distroy. 
Expect a mixed bill of camp clichés, limp wrists, dance routines, game shows and catch phrases smashed together with lots of dancing.

100 early bird tickets are available before Halloween at just £10! 
Click here to get advance tickets

Our Christmas show Camp (on the Estate) goes is on sale from the 5th November! This year we're taking over a social club on an estate in Camden!  Save a date - 11th - 14th December!

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