(Not) Lyn Gardner's Theatre Tips for Edinburgh Festival 2013

Every so often I like to get on my high horse and pretend what I think about performance is worth something. For the third year running here are my tips for this year fringe.

Credible Likeable Superstar Role model - Bryony Kimmings
Bryony is back for her third taste of Edinburgh success with a show made by her niece Taylor. Credible Likeable Superstar Role model see's her transform into just that. As with all Kimmings' projects its political, engaging and fun. This show will make you want to save children from being subjected to Jessie J.

I Heart Chocolat - Le Gateau Chocolat
Ms Gateau has the ability to have you rolling around the floor laughing one minute and sobbing into your pint the next with just her vibrato gymnastics. Last years fringe saw her steal the show / festival / Scotland / the world - I'm looking forward to seeing her do it all again.

Major Tom - Victoria Melody
Victoria is Mrs Brighton, her dog is a super star. Major Tom charts her success in becoming a beauty queen and award winning canine handler. If you saw her last tour 'Northern Soul' you'll know that seeing one of Victoria's shows is like having a bevvy with an over familiar friend. 

Service with a Sneer - Myra Dubois
If Tommy Cooper had a threesome with Lily Savage and Bet Lynch you'd be half way to understanding what your letting yourself in for when booking to see Dubois. Go see her unique Northern Charm / don't sit at the front. 

Dirty Talk - EastEnd Cabaret
OK so one of them is German, one is a half man and half women. They sing songs about getting your (solo) rocks off in public and they are usually quite pissed before they go on - have I sold this enough? Thought so.

We, Object - Figs in Wigs
I've seen every Figs show - I am their fan girl. They make me laugh, they wear silly clothes, they are sort of good at dancing, they like to make a mess, they are the best when it comes to puns - whats not to like? 

The Worst of Scottee - Me
Of course I'm going to give my own show a plug - its Edinburgh! A psychotherapist has interviewed people who no longer talk to me about crap things I've done to them in an attempt to find out the very worst of me. If you've seen my work before this will be the first time you will see me sans sequins, props or audience participation - its just me, a machine, lots of confetti and some awkward stories about fucking up. 

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