After three days of talking about shit things I've done to people in the past I think we have a show coming together.

Its strange going to work and talking about things you are not proud about, you have to completely forget about any shame you may have / had around these issues and treat real life like material and then go home and make the dinner. 

At the start of the week we watched some footage from an interview with someone I knew 15 years ago. They reveal some shocking stuff that my actions caused, when we finished watching the dynamic of the room changed just a little. I think they were a little shocked to hear some of the things I had done which got me thinking - will this show make people hate me? and if it does do that mean its successful or a failure?

This week the set was delivered which is possibly the best thing ever made since that flying car called Chitty, the costumes we're pressed and popper'ed by Lee Benjamin and the pyros were tested... going off in my face - for me this is the exciting part when the things you invented in a room a few months back are turned into real things by the nice people who know how.

Tomorrow I have to show the team where the show is at with a run through - PANIC.

To Do List:
Learn the words
Sort out the crying pump
Get a hook for the curtain
Get bums on seats

The Worst of Scottee opens at Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 1st August

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