I have a friend called Bryony Kimmings, she wears silly hats, likes the bad boys from Grange Hill and pretends to a 9 year old girl.

I first met Brioche / Brie / Brienonie / Bryan Adams at the Junction in Cambridge, we hated each other. I thought she was a performance artist, she thought I was a dick.

3 years down the line Bryony is one of those friends you'd happily hold back her hair when she's vomiting in the gutter even though she can be really annoying and talk about being an 'artist' all the time.

She makes nice work that makes me laugh and she's common.

Today Bryony launches a music video / campaign to become famous on the internet, yet again dressed as a Princess. I have a 3 sec part in this video but my starring role comes in the making off videos which are out next week.

Bryony wants to go viral and has asked me to tweet Catlin Moran in order to get this more views than the dancing pony but I'd rather tell real people like yourselves.

Spread this video wider than you would go for a gynaecologist.

Go on, she's my mate. X

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