Number One

East 17, Queen, Spice Girls and Bob the Builder have all done it - grabbed the coveted Christmas number one!

This year in conjunction with my show Camp (as Christmas) I am releasing a single on iTunes!

Each night I will track my success in reaching the top of the pops with the live audience, they will be made to download the track before they can leave the theatre. Standard.

The track is written by Warboy and Nigel Stewart who I've worked with over the past 8 years. We've tried to make a record that's thee most depressing Christmas single ever made.

I would love it if my biog in 2013 was to read 'Scottee: performance artist & UK Top 40 recording artist' mainly for LOLs.

Justin has his Beliebers and Minaj her Barbies - I need the help of some SCOFFEES! Spare us 79p and buy the single! If each of my 3,838 twitter followers bought it I would end up in the top 40! SCREAM! We also need help spreading the word - we do not have a marketing budget and I'm not famous so if you could share the link with Cher, Madonna, Cliff Richard or anyone you think might buy it please do.

Lets make this happen - can you imagine how fucked off Adele would be if I became the new chub of the charts?!

Warning! I haven't been on the X Factor and this single isn't for a charitable cause.

Love X


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