(Not) Lyn Gardner's Picks for the New Year

This blog series is becoming a bit cult (this means popular with the gays or those with haircuts). Every quarter I highlight all the lovely stuff I'm going to see over the next few months. The new year brings with it some nice treats...
Part of the London International Mime Festival I know very little about this piece except the trailer blew my mind. If your idea of watching a bunch of mute show offs warp your mind and play with your idea of 'whats up and whats down?' is entertaining then I advise you book one of these performances.

Robert Lapage
Lapage is basically an avant-garde version of Celine Dion. The teaser video bigs Robert up as the second coming. Anyone who has seen his work will know he is good but my pessimism will not allow my to walk into the space thinking I'm about to witness genius. Lets see.

Shunt are back with yet another one to their mind warping experiences that shit on any Punch Drunk replicas. The Architect copy and trailers alludes to nothing like all Shunt shows but I can assure you this will be the best / worst night out you'll experience. Lyn gave it 1 star - this means its amazing.
Monkey Bars
'Mr Theatre for people who are bored of theatre' Chris (genius) Goode brings his show back to London for yet another run. I saw this back in September after grabbing the last two seats for an afternoon showing on my birthday. If you like watching actors from the telly say strange things that reveal a world of children's politic then this is for you. If you think young people are all the same then this is for you. If you hate children then this is for you.

Figs in Wigs & Provoke
Show Slam winners Figs and Provoke present a double bill of clowning, silliness, puns and politic. I was on the judging panel for the Show Slam competition and both pieces being presented are provoking, powerful, accessible and deranged bits of accomplished showing off. They are the next generation.

Alice Adventures in Wonderland
The Royal Opera House are putting on Alice in Wonderland - from the bits of video and interviews I've seen it shits on anything Depp could bring to the tea party. Booking opens in January - I MUST SEE THIS!

The Audience
Helen Mirren is playing Elizabeth again! LIVE on stage! Nuff said.

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