It's now become a thing to do a round up of my year and let you in on what next year holds. This morning I've been looking back over the 2011 and 2010 blogs with great delight.

Tears, bloodshed and alot of frustration has been vented on these digital pages over the past 3 years. I've learnt alot, lost a little and gained more than I could have wished for. It's interesting to see I've become more optimistic as time has gone on and see how I've tried to make my way through the murky world of show business in sequins.

2012 was not the year of the corgi's or who swam the fastest in a McDonalds sponsored event. It was a hard 12 months of learning, new experiences and getting my act together.

I started 2012 on a remote part of the coast on retreat writing and thinking - who knew?! I spent most of this time dreaming up Camp which would debut later in the year and putting together the idea behind my solo show. Eat Your Heart Out met for our AGM and decided we wanted to take some time off after the mammoth 'Voilence' we had just finished.

February saw my first jaunt on BBC London as a regular talking head on Jo Goode's show - I got my foot in the door with Aunty!

Burger Queen was back in March and to say 'bizarre' wouldn't do it justice. Amy got death threats after her appearance on Channel 4's 'The 10 o'clock show', I was featured in the Guardian womens pages (result!) which led to alot of middle class women telling me we are fat because we didn't peel our carrots?!!

I was also due to make an appearance on Channel 5's 'The Wright Stuff' who pulled the story because I would only supply images and video content if a Burger Queen representative was able to fight our chubby corner - they pulled out 1hr before going live!

The contest was bigger and better than ever and each week saw queues around the block! Gloria Swansong was crowed queen, I did a duet with Lisa Stansfield (sort of) and Nancy Del'LOLio turned up and started a fight with Sami Knight!

I was also invited on to Vanessa's show on International Women's Day to discuss if Mum's should tell their children they are fat - (don't know why I was put forward - I'm not a Mum, yet) I told her off on air for scrutinising women's bodies when we could have been talking about femme empowerment - she cut me off air.

No sooner was the gold glitter slash down from Burger Queen, April had arrived! He Di Hi Camp(ers)!! As part of the Roundhouse's CircusFest I was invited to show off my latest variety project that would turn into a sell out monster of a show! My Nan was really pleased I did a double page spread in my local paper the Camden Journal. ThisIsCabaret review here.

After 12 months of rolling around the floor with my fave fat person Amy Lamé, her solo show I had directed was ready for an audience! We spent most of May throwing cake at people and hitting on hot T-boys in the audience under the banner of 'Unhappy Birthday'!

saw me become Huffington Post's newest Arts and comment blogger - it was then I realised how sarcastic I was - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/scottee/. I also trialed a new show concept 'Party Piece' inwhich I got audience members to share with us the things they do when drunk at parties.

In July I made a episodic film with Tim Brunsden for AND festival. Titled 'Follow' the film followed my journey in becoming famous on twitter - if you haven't yet seen it you can below. I warn you, it gets strange (and all true!).

I also got wet at Latitude festival and made some people in a tent applause. I also, also supported Mika and Felix Da Housecat at Lovebox on the Circus Stage with Bryony Kimmings and our record with Warboy - BINGING!

August almost killed me (again) with the mammoth beast that is Edinburgh Fringe. Apart from spending alot of time eating food I couldn't afford and drinking booze my liver couldn't consume I got to spit milkshake at Grimmy on Radio 1's 'Fun and Filth Cabaret'

...and launch of my new podcast series - Fifteen Minutes!

Hello Isle of White, Hello field, Hello September!

After performing at Summer Rites festival with Warboy and the SOS gang I dashed off to Bestival for Camp's first festival outing 'Camp (as a row of tents)' - the Camp team totally smashed it!

I polluted the Bestival FM airwaves with 'Camp Breakfast Show' featuring my version of Debbie McGee - Jayde Adams...


October saw the launch of my variety course for young people at Roundhouse which culminated in a live TV broadcast - here is one of them doing some stuff we made, blud.

December had me walking around The Garage giving people condoms and sexual health advice as part of MTV's World Aid's Day event.

The main event for me was Camp (as Christmas) - an epic experience / show / thing that saw almost 1000 of you clap, cheer and make up catchphrases. I'm still coming down from this show - I heart Camp so much!

What an exciting 365 days it has been! Thank you for parting with your wages and helping pay my rent this year. Thank you for sitting patiently over the past few years waiting for me to become good - I'm almost there, I swear ;)

The next 12 months feels exciting - as you've read this far it's only right I let you in on the 2013 gossip...

Future - as part of a 3 year plan to take over the world, 2013 sees the development of Scottee inc. an umbrella company for my work. This will include Camp, Burger Queen, Party Piece, Eat Your Heart Out, Fifteen Minutes and my solo shows.

I am really excited to be working with some wonderful people who are helping this vision become a reality - Shaun Glanville will be raising the funds and making me understand spreadsheets are my friend. Amy Lamé will be the first artist in residence documenting the work over the next year in a very exciting way, JDC Breach will continue his role as my left hand, Holly Revell will also continue her role as reportage wonder woman snapper and back up support comes from Leila 'Tran' Jones and the Roundhouse gang in my capacity as Associate Artist at the RH over the next year!

Projects to look out for - Burger Queen hits the tavern in March - we have some major surprises for you on that front (onsale late Jan). The Worst of Scottee - solo show will tour regionally and internationally in 2013 and appear in London in early 2014 as will Eat Your Heart Out. Camp is back at Bestival and later in the year for a very special show in a very special location.

See you on the other side - Thanks for watching. I love you Xxx

Images by Holly Revell

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