Variety! Variety!

For the past 2 months I've been teaching 18 - 25 yr olds how to make short, sharp bits of variety and light art at Roundhouse. As some of you may have read before I started my journey into show business there when I was just 14, to be on the other side of the workshop is a great privilage for me.

Each week we've made ourselves looks silly, rolled around the floor abit and dared each other to make stuff with the mantra of '...but is it entertaining?'. They are a wild bunch of clowning, dancing, musical, poetic, comedic and pedantic show off's each with something exciting to offer.

This Sunday we are sharing what we have made in the workshops with not only a live studio audience but the world (no pressure) - we won't be just streaming a live feed - we are performing JUST for the camera - we are making a LIVE Christmas BBC TV special circa 1986 and your invited to support them...

Log on to roundhouse.org.uk on Sunday at 7.25pm, put the kettle on, empty a mulled wine sachet, sit back and relax. I promise you silliness, vulnerability and lot of bad seasonal jumpers.

Follow the action and feedback using #varietyvariety

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