Rhyannon Styles

In 2005 I spent most of my time hanging out with a friend who was a shop girl for Tatty Devine. We spent hours eating stolen Cafe Nero biscuits, judging the people of Soho and pretending to know what performance art was all about - we even created our own 'performance art company' called 'Dough' that probably performed all of six times but encouraged us as 21 yr olds to shave off all our hair and eye brows, eat alot of cake outside Liverpool St station and harass men entering dark rooms in Vauxhall.

Fast forward 7 years and she is still at it, creating beautiful pieces that make you feel it would be easier if we all just gave in and left her to it.

Currently she is looking for abit of a leg up with her latest project 'Angel Cake'. Sometimes we all need a tenner so if you can, lend her some dollar and in return you'll be rewarded with some beautiful performance that's provoking and poignant.


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