Last year I blogged about needing some help and ways people could get involved at Scottee HQ, yesterday it dawned on me that all the people who offered their services / got involved have become continued collaborators and for this I have the internet to thank.

As previously mentioned in a recent post I'm really excited about digitial work and outputs atm. The following reflects that but you don't have to be tech savvy to get involved...

Wiki Page
When you search my name on wiki this happens...

...which I guess is quite #LOL but if I'm ever to be considered a real person I'm in need of an academic / unemployed human to write my wiki page. Seed planted.

Fifteen Minutes
My new podcast project for iTunes is live! Have some lovely feedback from you all about this! Again I need some help spreading the word so the episodes can be seen amongst the plethora of Radio 4 and 'Dave' programs it currently offers. You can help by sharing or subscribing and rating the podcast on iTunes and / or sharing the link to anyone you think would like to hear people from showbiz talk about class, fame and fortune.

XML & iTunes
I'm trying to work out what or how XML works because this will open the door to editing my iTunes podcast page. If you have the foggiest idea how this works please get intouch.

I'm currently pimping out my youtube page with offerings from my archive. If you are a youtuber please subscribe or share the video you like the most. I'm here - http://www.youtube.com/user/scotteescottee

Social Media Savvy
Next year I will be hosting a lecture for artists who want to gain more experience in making work for social media and improving their online presence. I have some exciting guest speakers in mind but looking to see if a) you would be interested in coming b) if you are a social media type person who would like to contribute.

I'm looking for a place to stay in the last two weeks in January to write my next project and sort out 2013. If you have a second home to rent or know of any residencies I could apply for let me know.

Audience Development
To help me understand what you want to see and what you don't please lend me 3 mins..

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