Party Piece is Back!

My show based on the things we show each other when drunk (steady) is back. In May I was invited to try out the idea at the Postcards Festival at Jacksons Lane. This resulted in a show full of wonderfully bizarre things like a woman making her friend pick a packet of cigarettes up with only his teeth (only to fall flat on his face), a boy recite all the countries of the world, the tech guy swallowing a balloon and then snorting another, a performance artist blowing up two balloons with only his nose and a rather worrying performance of a record a man from East London had written 15 years ago.

This time we are in Soho on a Saturday night for a knees up version of the show. Holestar will be on the records playing naffness from '69 - '99 to help everyone get in the mood. Jonny Woo is our guest performer who'll be doing a few turns to get you going and i'll be digging around my archive for silly bits.

Not only is this my Soho Theatre debut, Its also my 27th Birthday so either way I hope you'll pop by for a bevvy.

Saturday 29th September
Advance booking - http://sohotheatre.com/whats-on/scottee-party-piece

Images by Holly Revell

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