(Not) Lyn Gardner's Picks of the Season

Earlier this year I blogged about my new years resolution (http://scottee-scottee.blogspot.com/2012/07/font-face-font-family-arial-font-face.html?spref=tw) and my plan go to see performance regardless of my opinion of it. It's September and my aim of seeing a piece of work a week is still in full swing, this has to be the most successful resolution of all time.

Since then I've seen some brilliant work including the National's 'London Road' - a verbatim musical that explore a community's feelings towards the murders of five prostitutes in their community in Ipswich (possibly the best musical I've ever seen), Simon Munnery's genius installation / performance / comedy / concept restaurant 'La Concepta', Dancing Bricks gentle but lovely 'Pearl' and Non Zero One's interactive installation on the roof of the National.

Before Edinburgh I also blogged about pieces of work I would be making a b-line for at the fringe in August, which was very popular and was read over 1000 times, in fact I even met two of you wonderful, good tasted readers at one of the shows I mentioned who were there by my recommendation - thank god they enjoyed the show.

So here is some of the work I will be seeing between now and December

Monkey Bars
Chris Goode is basically a performance genius. I've had the pleasure of knowing him (before the rest of the world realised we were both enigmas) during his time at CPT when I was an optimistic 15 yr old. I'm really excited to see this piece that gives us adults an insight into what is going on in children's brains and how they see the world in 2012. Its also stars her from 'Only Fools and Horses'

New Work 2012
Michael Clark & company are presenting some new work with a title that must have taken a long time to conceive. Very little has been said about who, what or how this will be presented but I'm excited to see Stevie Stewart of Bodymap fame will be making the costumes and video artist Charlie Atlas will be designing the lighting!

The Architects
One word - Shunt. I was 15 when I first saw their show 'Dance Bear Dance', since then they continue to make work that makes you feel it would be easier if we all threw in the towel and just watched their shows instead. A site specific performance in Bermondsey thats likely to make you leave the theatre scratching your head and rubbing your eyes.

Clowning with Dr Brown
I'm often called a clown, I don't think I am one. A clown told me I was one. I've decided to embrace the clown. I will be rolling around the floor with clown of the moment Dr Brown at the Soho Theatre in November. If 'workshops' are not your bag he also has two shows at the Soho that I can highly recommend after seeing them in Edinburgh.
The Animals and The Children
Mime, silent movies, powdered white faces, children's show with live musicians - not things I usually look for in a show but 1927 have reinvented the genre of multidisciplinary theatre and made it engaging for anyone, even cynics like me.

the timeout
After seeing non zero one's show earlier this year I think I want to start a fanzine and make badges. The copy for this show makes it sound like we will all be expected to take our clothes off and share some dark thoughts but these are only the fears of a man afraid of interactive theatre (strange fear for someone who inflicts it on all his audiences). I am going, I will be brave, this will be wonderful. This show is now sold out so this information is here to tease / annoy you.

Fuerzabruta is back at the Roundhouse and I could pretend I was ahead of the curve and saw it during its last run at the RH but no I didn't. Visually this looks like its going to make my brain explode in trying to work out how they did it all. Book now. Go.

There are tons of other shows worth a nose like Mark Thomas at ROH, New Art Club at Soho Theatre, The Double R Club & the National Theatre's platforms in general but these are the ones I'm most exciting about

If anyone wants to offer me comps to see stuff throw them my way, my new years resolution has made me broke. I'm also desperate to blag a ticket for the sold out National Theatre platform with Alan Bennett - any one? Worth a punt.

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