I seem to be here, there and everywhere on this, that, there Internet.

At the age of 12, I sat eagerly on a prebooked computer at the Kentish Town Library and began my exploration on Internet Explorer. My fascination with the world wide web started with a Hotmail adress.

Since becoming Scottee I've always put things online and not been too precious about where 'work' ends up. Increasingly my fascination for digital has grown and I find myself in 2012 making work specifically for the web.

I love making things, videos, bits for the internet and sharing them with anyone who reads this stuff. Recently I've been posting old stuff, making new work and creating purely online content - with this comes a plethora of links and logins that are thrown on facebook, twitter etc.

To set the record straight and to feed my OCD below I've linked all the different bits of me on the internet. Please feel free to follow, like, share, subscribe, befriend or block where possible.

I'm planning some (more) podcasts, vodcasts, live broadcasts and even and internet lecture in 2013 so stay tuned -I'm going viral. Sort of.

Blog (your on it)
Instagram - @scotteeisfat

Fifteen Minutes - Tumblr
Fifteen Minutes - iTunes

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