(Not) Lyn Gardners Pick of the Fringe

If you're planning a trip to the other side of the country and don't fancy wasting you're hard earned cash on a student production of a new hit musical set over 24 hours in the Big Brother house, on ice, I've put together a few shows I will be going to see with an audacious sense of ignorance that my choices are the right ones for you - just like Lyn Gardner.

Forest Fringe
Forest Fringe will not host their regular live art marathon as their space known for producing free, interactive and 'my kind of' stuff has been / is being sold off. Instead Andy and the gang are throwing a secret art party on the 11th Aug. 

I always find myself stumbling over Dancing Bricks website, they produce wonderful work are I'm really excited to see this piece. Under the 'physical theatre' banner - I wouldn't let that put you off

Figs in Wigs
We found each other on twitter in 2012 and ever since I've #LOLd are their unique interpretation of interpretive dance, absurd ism and naff wigs. I've been privy to a lot of the material in their new show for Edinburgh and if you like a nice routine with a few puns.

You could win a car at this show. Nuff said.

Wonder Woo-man 
Saw preview of this at Latitude and its full of Woo classics including a jazzy version of Faggot, Woo as Wonder Woman and that infamous number with the big gloves. Woo has even dusted off the spoons for a gorge version of 'My Old Man'. Go with a group of friends and a lot of booze.

A musical about the people possibly reading this blog - stap line is 'East London hipster meets Dorian Gray yeah?'. With songs titled 'Take my fucking picture please' & 'I love you Faye from Steps' we have to go and see this, even if it is a C Venues.

Dr Brown
I've never seen Dr Brown because I'm too scared I'll get picked on and I'm frightened I might like some mime. This ear I'm taking the plunge on both of his shows because Bryony Kimmings has bullied me into it. I know I am going to love it.
http://www.edcomfest.com/DoctorBrownBefrdfgth/ & http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/childrens-shows/dr-brown-brown-brown-brown-brown-and-his-singing-tiger

Miriam Margolyes
What's not to love about OAP, lesbian, free talking, chubster and alt national treasure Miriam Margolyes? Lets all spend an hour watching her do funny voices whilst flying the femme flag!

Bourgeois & Maurice
Showbiz friends or worst enemies? B&M are just as cynical, well dressed and talented as me. I once said they were like audible crack which is a statement I still stand by, you'll leave humming although I'm not sure they are into humming.  

Unhappy Birthday
Of course I'm going to plug my own show but if you like the above and want your fringe, self cut and slightly wonky this will be a great addition to you 'fringe experience'. What other show offers you a party hat, party popper, cake and a woman who was on Celeb Air?

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