Honesty is the best marketing policy...

I'm chomping at the bit - is that the right turn of phrase for worried? I'm not aggressive worried more anxious worried. I'm in the business of taking risks for entertainment purposes and luckily I've only ever had egg on my face that was intentional but Party Piece could see me fall flat on my mug.

At the start of the year I met with Jacksons Lane, they are one of these arts spaces on the fringes of central London and because you have to get the tube there people seem to think its Milton Keynes. I performed there when I was 15 as part of Camden Peoples Youth Theatre and loved the idea I was doing 'art' in an old church. Jacksons Lane ask me if I would be interested in trying out a new piece of work as part of the Postcards Festival - a month long fest of new / scratch / developing material showcases around cabaret, circus and variety - I showed them the notebook marked 'ideas'.  

Party Piece is a variety show that is completely unplanned, a show that invites you the audience member to show us the things you do when drunk at parties - moon walking, karaoke or the rap from Blondie's 'Rapture'. In short Party Piece is a collection of oddities from real people rather than over paid show offs in fish net tights. 

When pitching the idea I was aware it was a big ask to get an audience to make the show, of course you'll get people who are scared but a little bit of complementary cava goes along way to calm the nerves. I also know that people are shy or think I'm going to ridicule them in some way. I get this alot at my shows, people run to the back row and think I'm going to cover them in pasta sauce, get them naked and then expect them to applause at the end - yes I've done this in the past but artistically babes, I've moved on.

Party Piece is like a posh version of The Generation Game with my signature glitter slash, some posh prizes and some naff records to get us going - its part of this new vein (or is it vain?) of work I'm experimenting with Light Art; light entertainment & live art that is engaging, fun, accessible and not too poncy. Party Piece will be like going to your local disco in 1983 when the turn (Chaz & Dave) haven't showed up so your Uncle is up doing 'Islands in the Stream' whilst Bernie shows you her tattoo of the London Underground.

But Party Piece hasn't been the success I wanted it to be, I think people are afraid they will all have to do something. Wrong, you can just sit and watch. I'm about to do something in show business that isn't the done thing, but when have I ever done the done thing? 18 of you have booked so far and the show is on Saturday - I'm up shit street! So tickets have been made half price and we've polluted facebook for all its worth.

If it feels alot less scary now knowing your not going to be made to do anything or made to look silly - do come along.

I'm trying something out and attempting to push this cabaret scene forward. If I fail I'd rather fail in front of 160 of you than 18 of you. Thanks for your support either way. X

Quote 'PARTY' to get £5 tickets for Saturday online or on the phone!

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