I love Twitter and that's an unpopular statement. A lot of people who Tweet are what I call reluctant Tweeters who LOL about how boring their 140 characters are, which says a lot about their character, but I'm an avid fan and follower of the Church of Tweet.

The idea of being able to purge the clutter that floats about my brain for a viewing public is exciting. I'm aware my vegan dinner, lack of yellow Dr Martens in size 10 or bus journey with Russell Tovey are not of great interest to the majority of the Great British public but for those 3145 people, robots and Westlife fans that follow me it is.

For this reason I love Twitter and freely share the ins and outs with my life with anyone who wants to follow me. Twitter allows you to revel in your own ego under the banner of 'keeping up to date with your friends' lives' and for this I'm truly thankful, but underneath it all are we just procrastinating with hashtags? Or will our miro blogs reveal secrets into our lives for future generations? 

In January filmmaker Tim Brunsden asked me if I was interested in collaborating on a episodical live documentary about the act of tweeting and my frustration at not being as popular as Russell Grant (40,000 followers). 

Over the next two months, from an isolated room in Liverpool my aim is to devote some serious time to uncover the true secret of Twitter popularity and become a twitlebrity. Over the four episodes I want to attempt to trend world wide, undercover the secrets of gaining followers and find out why its such an important part of the social media kit.

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