Party Piece #3

Preparations for my show experiment 'Party Piece' are well underway. Lots of blue glitter slash has been ordered and the panic that no one will share their party trick has set in - although cava, prizes and peer pressure will be on hand to help aid peoples fear. I just hope everyone feels, what drama teachers would call "safe enough". I''m not trying to make anyone look silly or plan to do anything nasty, it's just a show made up of all the things we do when bored at parties. I think it can work but of course I need people to book and share - will you?

This weeks party piece is a corker, I hope someone who is coming to the event can do this because it sounds insane! I have a habit of talking fast but it is nothing compared to this little beauty. Are you willing to break her record / attempt to at Party Piece?

Party Piece hits the Postcards Festival on the 16th June - Book tickets

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