Camp Friday

The penultimate Camp Friday clip is brought to you by one of my favourite variety performers of all time - Tommy Cooper. Tommy isn't the most natural of campers amongst the likes of Kenneth, Dick & Shirley but Coppers camp is just as poignant. The master of 'getting it wrong' and showing the seams was a cleverly crafted joke - each trick had a story, a false ending and a punchline, his work was highly improvised and relied heavily on the audiences reaction. The hat routine is one of my favourites as no magic, trick or logic is employed but skill, story telling and nerve is used in abundance. As a nod to Tommy this week I will be performing a new turn, never performed or rehearsed with my own take on the hat routine titled '25 things I hate about fancy dress shops' - if it goes wrong, oh well Tommy's did all the time.

I award this 4 limp wrists - gruff voice, limp wrists, gender play and all in a cardboard box - jus like that.

This weeks CAMP is SOLD OUT but a handful of tickets are left for the final week HERE

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