Camp Friday

It's Camp Friday again and this weeks clip comes from the birth place of British campery 'The BBC' (not to be confused with BBC One) and features two of our finest masters of campery - Dame Shirley Bassey and Les Dawson. Shirley is of course a camp queen not to mention a gay icon but Les is an underrated campicon, reaching fame through a TV talent show in the early 70's, incomparable to anything #BGT pushes out as 'successful', Dawson was a skilled comedian, writer, pianist and entertainer who I came across while eating Crunchies on Friday nights at my Nans with his game show / insult minor celebs half hour 'Blankety Blank'

I award this camp clip 3 limp wrists - the lowest score to date but it's worth sharing even for Bassey's attempt at comedy and Dawson's genius of playing the piano badly. Liberace would of done it in sequins.

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