Camp Friday

It's Camp Friday again and this week its a trip to the chippy with Victoria Wood and Julie Walters, again familiar faces from childhood. I could have chose 100's of other Wood clips from 'Tip, Tap, Top' to 'Freda and Barry' but in the context of 'British Camp' and wanting to post a more heterosexual eye on camp within this series 'At The Chippy' fitted the bill. Wood's lyrics are full of puns which I think aids campery, slightly rude but never too offencive and the colour blocking in the video is just marvellous. I think I'm beginning to realise that camp for me is working class, the clips I've been posting here after from common people, I love that.

I give this clip 4 limp wrists out of 5 - funny outfits, dance routines in chip shops, the words 'nonbrewed condiment' and some national treasures acting the giddy goat. Camparama. 

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