Camp Friday

This weeks Camp clip is bought to you the day before we open! I'm so hyped for it and so I could only choose the ultimate camp clip for you this week, the theme tune from Are You Being Served? Of course my interaction with AYBS was via the medium of UKGold but it's campery personified. John Inman & Wendy Richards (aka Pauline from Eastenders) in a department store and innuendo every 30 seconds. Mrs Slocombe has to be the best female drag queen to walk in heels, naff references to her pussy, a pink wash and a giant pussy bow. I've chosen the theme from AYBS I think whoever was responsible for making BBC themes in the 70s was obviously a genius.

I award this the highest limp wrists a girl can: 10 limp wrists - Its naff, cliche, dated, risque but so wonderfully British and not in a EDL kind of way. Next time you're in a lift and you hear that ding, announce '2nd Floor - Camping Equipment' - I dare you.

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