In exactly one-month time the first pack of porkers will lift their chaffed calves onto the Burger Queen stage for the opening heat! Why?

I was recently asked to talk about my fatness, 10mins later the interviewer smiled and said ‘you can talk a lot about that can’t you?’ – I replied ‘When you’ve been this way for 20 years you become fluent’. Most people will look at my shows and think being a chubster was always a comfortable ride to be honest I only realized I was a larger lady when I entered the gay playground, before stepping foot into a gay club I was labeled the camp one, post-gay-club-liberation I became the fat (enter insult here), this left a 19 year old Scottee crying on the pavement outside Balans, after a gaggle of gays thought the best way to round off their Saturday night was ripping into me. After running to South London, the home of heavy homos, I immediately became fetishized and I spent the good part of a drunken youth in nightclubs running away from chubby chasers - nothing turns me on more than a man who wants to have sex with me while jiggling my belly and making bear noises, so I’m told.

Fast-forward to 2011 and I wanted a place to help others show off that didn’t victimize or fetishize the rotund. A good old fashioned knees up that regardless of sexuality, gender/s or skill you were praised for your braveness, honesty and unique shape – without this sounding like a Dove advert Burger Queen has this at its very fatty heart.

Chub Love X


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