I'm genuinely excited about everything I am working on, the next 6 months will see me encouraging fatties, revealing my fetish of 1970s television personalities, trying my directors hat on for size, making mobile disco radio with old people and experimenting with what makes a good party trick slapped together with a plethora of festivals, regional towns and charity shops.

With all this palava, being on the receiving end of a facebook event, blog, tweet or mailout can feel like a bombardment of self promotion, I thought it might be nice to list every thing here and you can pick and choose what you fancy because not everyone wants to see a show about Morrissey, crying milk or fat people in funny outfits. Take your pick. Choose your fancy.

Dear America, I am coming to get you in November. Brace yourself.
I am listening to 'Bring on tomorrow' from Fame while writing this.

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