Something for nothing.

I made this because I'm reading Real Men Don't Eat Quiche 'a quiche-eater is a man who is a dilettante, a trend-chaser, an over-anxious conformist to fashionable forms of 'lifestyle', and socially correct behaviours and opinions' - if the slipper fits?) and I also found out the man from Food & Wine is dead. In Year 6 he came to my school and made me invent an advertising campaign that promoted healthy foods to young people (or kids as we were known in the 90's). This was my first television appearance, it made me aware my voice was higher than the other boys in my class and also made me realise I used my hands to talk - I was... camp. Alas it did nothing to my relationship with carrots.

My Mum 'videod' it but we can't find it, yet.

In an ideal world you will click the image, make it big, print it out and put it on your wall but as its the modern world sending me a screen grab of your desktop, wallpaper or iphone screen is just as good.

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