The BBC and Channel 4 have websites that are dedicated to getting you involved in their documentaries about people who love their hairdryers and live on 3p a week completing tasks in a house before they get voted off and win nothing while dancing on ice - in the same vain this is what this blog is about, with the hairdryer bit.

In 2012 I am working on some exciting projects that involve you, the punter,  so get involved:

Jim Didn't
As part of my project 'Camp' at the Roundhouse, I'm looking to hear from anyone who sent 'Jim'll Fix It' a letter and never got a response or never had it fixed - Are you still waiting for that letter to drop on the matt? Does this throw up feelings of rejection? Would you like it fixed? - info@scottee.co.uk

Burger Queen
The call for contestants and new website will be live on 12.01.12 but if you are feeling keen and fancy entering now then get in touch - fatso@burgerqueen.info

I am also looking for anyone who runs experimental exercise classes or has a unique weight loss business - fatso@burgerqueen.info

We are looking for prizes for our contestants - If you want your brand / shop / business to be associated with loving every size and embracing uniqueness then we are open armed! info@scottee.co.uk 

I am looking for an intern who would like to gain experience in producing variety / performance in March and / or April - info@scottee.co.uk

Real People
I am asking real people (aka ones that are not live artists with a knack of embellishing tales) to tell me a real life story - I don't mean 'My Sister is an Alien' more 'My Grandad invented the...' or 'Six years ago I was a...' - This is for an aural history project I will be producing in the summer. All stories welcome! - info@scottee.co.uk

Cher and Share alike
I'm bumping up my facebook and twitter numbers - If you think I'm good or like my gossip share these links with people you think should see me -


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